Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anyone For Tennis?

Scotty Star has decided to hijack the blog, his post is below...

So, the other day I was heading home and was waiting at the tram stop when I saw a comedian called Jason, who's one half of Anyone For Tennis. And I've spent the last half hour or so just listening to their clips.
They're fucking awesome, I remember seeing their Melbourne Comedy Festival show in 2008 and absolutely loving it. So, even though it has nothing to do with our podcast, I thought I'd post two of their funny videos on the blog for y'all to enjoy.


I find them hilarious. Check em out:
I love comedy and there's a lot of it going on in Melbourne, so I might try to post stuff from time to time... but we all know, honestly, that I'm pretty lazy and will probably forget to do it after I post this blog. Anyway, check out these guys and let us know what you think... if you like it, I'll try to post more and maybe try to get some comics on the podcast or something.

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