Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twitter Bug.

Ok, so as you all should know by now, Scotty Star is a whore. Especially for low level celebrities.

You should have, by now, listened to episode one of the show... where Scott mentioned that Bug Hall had a penis tattoo and piercing (still allegedly, we think).
And then we wrote a blog... kinda slamming Bug... Scotty Star LOVES Bug Hall.

So we thought nothing of it when we tweeted Bug the day the first episode came out...

But then things got real. Bug Hall tweeted back...

This not only excited Scott... but the entire COCK TALES team.

But that was all for the public. Behind the scenes, Scott felt upset and betrayed... "How dare Anna steal my former-child-star-turned-pornographer man-crush?" he asked. 
(Yeah, we know how stupid that sounds, but that's just Scott for you.)

So, Scott has launched a new Twitter campaign. He wants to get Bug on the show to clarify where they stand. And where Bug and Anna stand... after all, it was Anna that called him a cunt on episode one of the pod.

So, we want you to join our Twitter campaign to help get this dire issue sorted, before it tears the COCK TALES team apart!!!

All you have to do is tweet the following:
"Hey @Bug_Hall, take a sip of glory on @cocktalespod!!!"

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